Sexual economics in violent societies

By Serge Kreutz

For a large number of people, a society in which violence is not suppressed, is not conducive to what are the most basic viable human concerns: a comfortable death, and before that, optimal sex.

For the economics of optimal sex and for the economics of a comfortable death, a high level of violence within a society is a cost factor. Even before strategies can be pursued to optimize sex, strategies are needed to avoid violent disturbance. Strategies to avoid violent disturbance cost time and economic resources.

The ultimate need that a man enhancing sexuality with tongkat ali, butea superba, mucuna pruriens, and other herbals wants satisfied is sexual. However, to make it sensibly possible, a range of logistic needs will have to be met first. The logistic needs are economic and social. They range from nutrition, an economic need, to safety, which is a social need. Humans need allies and friends (a society) to meet their need of not being harmed by adverse forces.

In very poor societies, many individuals, especially women, are so preoccupied with logistic economic needs that they do not progress to sexual needs, even though the fulfillment of sexual needs is more sense-giving.

Likewise, in societies with a high level of inherent violence, people are so concerned with the logistic need of escaping danger that they, too, only occasionally progress to sexual needs.

Emotional needs are an overlap zone of social needs and sexual needs. On the one hand, a fulfillment of the emotional need for love optimizes the sense-giving fulfillment of sexual needs. On the other hand, the concern with the emotional need of love correlates with the social, logistic need of mutual support for safety or caregiving in the case of health problems.

For men enhancing sexuality with tongkat ali, the ultimate need is always optimized sex; all other needs are just logistical, indeed. This specific structure of the human-needs pyramid has many implications on how tongkat ali users typically view morals.


Sexual morals are sexual restrictions. Sexual morals curtail sexual expression, limit the number of sexual partners and relationships (prescribing monogamy), make initiating sexual relationships complicated, and restrain sexual activities.

There are many reasons why mankind developed restrictive sexual morals. Some origins are sound, for example if morals relate to disease.

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